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The Nicole Files: A study of habits and behaviors of a not so ordinary girl named Nicole (plus effective techniques for taming her)

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I’m finally in LA! :) I was fortunate enough to have a window seat during the plane ride. I’ve always loved sitting by the window because of this. The view has always been so comforting.


Hello everyone! I’m still alive and well! Work (yes, I’m a working woman now!) has been taking up majority of my time so I’m sorry for the hiatus!

March has been quite THE month. It has always been my favorite month because a) it’s my birthday, b) it’s my B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y! Anyway, here are some pictures to encapsulate what has happened during my mini hiatus:

1. A random date night with Ice. Now that I’m working, we try to have date nights as often as possible as we don’t get to see each other that much anymore

2. Diane’s birthday! My college roomie just turned 20! (Ha, that rhymed)

3. A much-needed bonding over beer and sangria with the best group of people ever aka DC 

4. Pizza party at the office courtesy of our boss

5. I had my hair dyed at a salon! Wuhoo! Virgin hair no more

6. Because the company I’m working for just turned 5, we had a sportsfest, but a not so usual one. Exhibit A: see that huge volleyball? That game is called volleydoom.

7. I turned 21! I feel so legit now, haha!

8. My baby finally graduated from college! I’m so proud of him! :)

9. Ice and I turned 5!!! Can you imagine?? <3

I’m officially 21!!!!! :)

As per usual, please excuse my awk-weird-ness.

This is what I wore to the office last Friday. I was extra dressy cause my barkada had a girls night out that night for Diane’s birthday! :)

Outfit of the day: floral top {Style Hub}, highwaisted jeans {Forever 21}, sandals {Shop til You Like it}, bag {Bags for You PH}