ABOUT TIME! I believe it was November of 2013 when I last answered my Tumblr Asks. I have almost 300 of them in my inbox, so obviously I can’t answer all at one go so I’ll just give responses at random.

1. what camera did you use to take the LA diaries photos? :)

I left my DLSR in Manila, so now I always use my iPhone for my photos. :)

2. What facial products do you use? Your face is so neat. No zits or even pimple marks! I envy you and your sisters :( And what soap do you use? Your skin tone suits you too!

Aww geez, thanks! I actually don’t use anything on my face on a regular basis. I just wash it with water before I go to bed. :) Sometimes I use Cetaphil when my face is feeling extra dirty, and Clean ‘n Clear morning burst moisturizer when I’m not lazy, but that’s about it! As for the soap, I use Neutrogena.

3. ate how much did you pay for your domain? :)

I honestly can’t remember BUT I think it’s $9/year.

4. : Hi ate Nicole!, I just want to ask if what app did you use in editing photo’s?, anyway your blog is so fab! I’d always visit here and read all your post, it give’s me an inspiration everyday especially in photography. Honestly, I really want to be a photographer someday just like you, because of your blog, you inspire me in reaching my goal in photography. Keep up the good work ate gorgeous :)

Wow thank you so much, I don’t know what to say! :) I don’t really consider myself as a photographer. I guess I get away with it cause my phone has a great camera, haha! But anyway, I use VSCOCAM and Photoshop for edits. :)

5. where’d you buy the red dress you were wearing on your bday?

That was from a thrift store. :)

A Day at Venice Beach

"Ah, the smell of salt and sand. There is no elixir on this blessed earth like it"

Universal Studios Hollywood




Two weeks ago, we finally found time to go to downtown LA and visit Universal Studios Hollywood. This particular Universal park is built differently from the others cause it is built around the largest back lot in Hollywood where there are multiple movie and television studios and sets *insert spazzing here*

(Warning: this will be a photo heavy post)

LA Diaries Pt. II



A trip to downtown Santa Monica with my sisters + Rich